Akashic Records Testimonies:

Elizabeth's Akashic Records reading skills continue to amaze me.  She is capable of assisting me with her skills in ways I never imagined.  Elizabeth helped me with fear around sharing my energy gifts that were carried forward from many past lifetimes.  I now feel more confident talking about what I do to others. 

I highly recommend Elizabeth to everyone!   

- Diane

I had my first Akashic Records experience with Elizabeth, and it was so much more then I expected. For months I had been dealing with a lot of anxiety, guilt, self doubt and fear when it came to a certain situation that happened in my life recently.  And I couldn't figure out why especially when this was supposed to be a happy time full of love and excitement. I just assumed the situation would get better as I processed it all, but it didn't. If anything it got worse.

After our session all the anxiety was instantly gone, and the next morning I woke up feeling happy towards this situation. Things seemed more clear and I was ready to move forward with no worries,

It was an amazing experience. I highly recommend it!

- Ericka

I was very impressed with the Akashic Records reading that Elizabeth did for me regarding my business and why I felt stuck regarding it.  Your questions helped to clarify the information I was seeking.  I was blown away by the information I received which made so much sense to me and helped to explain why I felt the way I did.  The recommendations to help resolve the situation were easy and I'm in the process of working with them.  Thank you so much for your amazing work! 

I highly recommend you!  Blessings! 

- D. Matthews

Thanks Elizabeth! I am so pleased with the results of the Akashic Records session already. I do feel the difference and a conversation with my brother was very positive and informative. I don’t know how it works but it does!  

Thanks again! 

- MB

Reiki Testimonies:

"I recently had a Reiki session with Elizabeth Macarthur.  My left leg had been bothering me and my ankle was swollen.  During the session, I could feel energy flowing through my leg and out my foot. The next day my left leg felt much better and the swelling in my ankle was reduced.

Her session was very effective. Thank you! 

I would highly recommend Elizabeth for Reiki sessions!"

- Diane

Universal Sphere® Testimonies:

“I was on the phone with Elizabeth, and she recommended I do a Universal Sphere® on my empty condo. I really needed to rent this place of mine. Well to be honest I didn’t do a sphere on it but was sure thinking about it that night. The next morning, I received  a call from this woman who wants to move in immediately. We met and she loves the place. Wrote me a check for the damage deposit and first months rent!!! Elizabeth did mention it’s very interesting to see what comes up in life, once one knows how to use the Universal Sphere®.”   

- Tracey-Lynn

 There is a woman I deal with on a regular basis at my job, and she has always been standoffish, and doesn't really speak to me when I try to interact with her to do my job.  And you can feel the tension between us as soon as she walks threw the door.  Just one week after attending the workshop, she came into my work, and it was like a whole new experience...she smiled and said “Hi” back when I said “Hello”.  We even talked for a good 20 minutes, and as she was leaving, she said “Bye and have a good weekend.”  I was blown away by how the positive energy that I've shifted by doing Universal Spheres® is showing up in other areas of my life!”   
- Ericka

My last contract ended in November 2020.  The contracting market is changing and there are more part time contracts rather than full time. Many applications have been submitted and very little feedback/responses. No interviews.... it was scary.
I was doing Universal Spheres® for Solution Energy for the highest and best solution for my employment to come my way.  I was attending the second week of one of Elizabeth’s workshop series on a Monday night. The next day (Tuesday) I get a text message for an interview that Friday for a 11-month contract. Friday night after the interview. I was emailed and I am the successful candidate. Yahoo!
The contract is full time (7 hours a day), 100% remote, and fits into my schedule as I am currently an advocate for a friend who is terminally ill. It is exactly what I need. 
- RB

I’ve NEVER done an art class, never felt inclined to sketch, mostly because I assumed I had no talent. Universal Spheres® have opened whole new worlds for me!


- Dianne

I put a request on the FB page for Universal Spheres® for my much-needed place to live.  They worked in spades! Just yesterday, I went to view a room and living situation that would work perfectly for me right now. Talk about a blessing of phenomenal results of those in the group who were sending me Universal Spheres, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  I now have my new living arrangements done.  

- Connie N.

Universal Sphere® Practitioner Training Testimonies:
“I have attended many energy courses since 1994, Reiki, Touch for Health, Medical Intuitive Training, Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Qigong, and many more. I am a Reiki Master since 1996 and practice Hatha Yoga.
This course was an amazing experience. The energy felt during this training was very powerful. This is ‘prayer on steroids’! This technique removes the dogma attached to some of the early teachings of working with energy. This takes us directly to the source of the energy. It is like returning ‘home’.
The content of this training also aligns with my belief system, that we are all able to do this. Working with ‘source’ does not need to be hard, we do not need to relive trauma in order to heal. We need to have an awareness that change is required and find a tool that works for us. Whatever that tool may be.
No one is ‘extra’ special or needs to know anything about energy or prayer to learn this technique. Elizabeth is an amazing instructor and I wish her all the best in her teachings.”
 – RB

“Dear Elizabeth,  I loved  learning about the Universal Sphere® and your presentation of it.  It is SOOO easy to experience and learn.  I also love that it has come to me in a very timely fashion.    I so resonate with it, and it seems like I have been doing it forever.  Thank you for this Universal gift.

Many Blessings”
- Deb 


“I am so blessed to have been able to attend Elizabeth's Universal Sphere® Practitioner Training Workshop. She is very articulate at explaining how to use Universal Sphere®. The background to Universal Sphere® was explained clearly and concisely.  The day was filled with lots of information and flowed along smoothly. The time was utilized well.  I enjoyed doing the 5 Universal Sphere® experiences. They really work. I could feel the energy immediately and could get into it. I also felt increased energy!  I look forward to working more with Universal Sphere® and having it in my toolbox to use to move my life forward in a positive direction. I want to follow up with the additional information that Elizabeth said was available to us.”

Thanks again!   
- Juanita


“The Universal Sphere® Workshop clarified and put a name and definition to what I already knew about the Universe, intuitively and from experience.  Elizabeth did a marvelous job presenting and she is a pro.  I was truly impressed, and I am so very proud of her! 
Elizabeth’s strong beliefs and passion for the topics she presented were infectious, and her messages come through loud and clear because she knows she is facilitating true energetic healing and the opening of our Hearts and Souls to becoming all we are meant to be in this Universe. 
Elizabeth, you are doing what you were meant to do in your life, and I recognized you are facilitating from your Heart and Soul.   Thank you SO MUCH for inviting me to learn from you, from the Universal Sphere®, and from all the other participants in the class.  I feel very blessed to have been re-introduced to and participated in such an invaluable training!”

- Connie


“I recently attended Elizabeth’s Universal Sphere® Workshop.  I arrived feeling somewhat tired, low energy and obsessing a little about the previous days.  Well that all changed after the first experience with the Universal Sphere® we did.  As Elizabeth guided us, I felt a surge of energy and alertness travel through my mind, body, and spirit. My whole perspective on life had shifted. I shifted. I felt free. By afternoon’s end I was so ever thankful to be apart of this workshop.
I also learned the Universal Sphere is a heart and soul tool, and to always offer up good to everyone and everything for the highest and best.  

Thank-you Elizabeth for teaching me this simple, yet powerful tool.”

- Tracey-Lynn Byrne

“I attended the one-day Universal Sphere® training course with Elizabeth and went into it with an open mind as I haven’t done much energy work before.  I was instantly blown away!  The Universal Sphere® is a practice that is easy to follow, especially for beginners like me. I completed the day feeling lighter and excited to begin practicing at home!”

I have been practicing doing Universal Spheres® at home ever since.  What I have experienced has been very interesting to say the least! 

- Ericka 

Thank you, Elizabeth, for inviting me to your Universal Sphere® Training.  Firstly, from an event point of view, Elizabeth did an excellent job.  She was organized, well prepared and executed the information with ease and confidence. The integrity of the room was very high because Elizabeth set it for that.  The attention to detail was obvious.
Secondly, the introduction to the Universal Sphere® is something I’ve never experienced before - on a positive level. I admit I was skeptical at first, and my Christian background thought it would be conflicting, however, it is all encompassing.  I love “Infinite Possibilities” especially as I’ve always believed anything is possible. Now I have a pathway.  I am looking forward to practicing the Universal Sphere® and learning more from Elizabeth and, of course, Ishtara.
Thank you for Introducing me to this work. Blessings

- Fran 

Universal Spheres® Workshop, Practice-Practice-Practice Series Testimonies:
Thanks to Elizabeth and the Universal Sphere® Moments of Calmness, the Practitioner’s Course, and the 6 weeks of Practice, Practice, Practice, I am able to meditate and connect with the Unified Field.  In the past, I had meditated regularly and with ease, until a crisis disrupted our lives …  and suddenly, when I attempted to meditate, my whole being would just freeze.

A trusted friend’s invitation to Moments of Calmness truly changed my life! From there, my heart was opened to take the Practitioner’s Course and the 6 weeks of Practice, Practice, Practice, to learn more fully how to connect and open to the teachings and wisdom of Ishtara.  

I am a KISS person: Keep it So Simple!  There are many means of helping self and others, some requiring many steps and rituals, some very complicated and convoluted. Those never appealed to me!  But Universal Spheres®? So simple, so easy, so natural! And the effects are marvellously compelling … answers seem to fall into place.  

The lesson: It already IS. Open your heart to the teachings, attend bi-weekly classes with Ishtara, Paul and Holly, and watch your life change, evolve, expand!  

I wish you joy!  

- Dianne O

I am so happy that I decided to take the Practice, Practice, Practice workshop to hone my work with the Universal Sphere® energy.  Like anything, we get better with practice, and I found it very helpful in taking both Universal Sphere® workshops with Elizabeth. To say life is more magical is an understatement.

It's not easy to put into words how working with the Universal Sphere® and having Elizabeth to guide me has expanded my life in a positive direction. I don't know if I would have been so consistent had I not signed up as it's easy to allow life to take over.
Keeping my momentum going with a weekly call ensured that I stuck with it, learned more, and had an opportunity to share experiences with others in the group.  This has also helped me to receive so much from this amazing energy tool. 
Even though I don't know what will unfold,  my life flows and I don't worry about it. I have a strong sense of peace and calm. 

I love that I can work on my own expansion as well as share it with my clients to support their journeys as well.  I feel much more connected to my Soul and the Unified Field because I was able to implement this practice into my daily life. 
Elizabeth is a wonderful teacher who is thorough and makes it fun. I also appreciate that she shares her own experiences openly. Being able to bounce thoughts and ideas off of her during the sessions and go deeper into the teachings has made all the difference to what I can now create with the Universal Spheres®.
I highly recommend taking the Practice workshops, they really do enhance the value of this modality and it will change your life for the better!
- Lorree Appleby

Learning about the Universal Sphere® was an amazing and eye-opening experience. Just like any other training you take you must practice what you have learnt. Some of us excel at doing things on our own, others of us need the motivation of a group. A commitment to keep moving forward and to show up and make time for ourselves.

I practiced what I was taught, and I obtained additional knowledge on how to work with the Universal Spheres® and became more familiar with Ishtara's teachings. The practice sessions allow me to learn what works for me, and how the Universal Sphere® fits easily into my life.

My largest takeaway was learning how quick and easy it is to perform Universal Spheres® and to utilize the online resources provided by the Founders, Paul Marwood and Holly Hawkins Marwood. The practice sessions also strengthen my knowledge and confidence in the Universal Sphere® and is a further investment in my personal growth.
- RB

“Hi Elizabeth,  just a big thanks for offering this extension to the Universal Sphere® Workshop.  This has helped me get a better grasp of how to utilize the Universal Sphere® and integrate it into my life.  Through these weeks I have noticed a change I would like to tell you about. 
I have never felt comfortable in a group setting.  Staying in the background and only talking to people who approach  me, even in crowds where I know several people.  Well I went to a home concert on the weekend and to my surprise I was comfortable through the whole day and talked to people I had never talked to before.  People also approached me that I knew by sight and had never approached me before. 
All and all this experience has solidified the work I have been doing with the Universal Sphere® and your evenings together.  Thanks for all you have done to extend and enhance the Universal Sphere®.”

- Donna

“I have enjoyed very much the classes for Universal Sphere® with Elizabeth . They have given an opportunity to share our experience and hear others speak of their experiences. She has created notes that are helpful to increase my knowledge and use the practice for all facets of my life, work, personal, and relationships. I love it and do US® every day. I welcome others to enroll and have extra practice in this powerful opportunity.

With gratitude,”  
- Laraine

Universal Spheres® Workshop, Deep Dive Series Testimonies:
Thank you! As always, my takeaways from this workshop were very enlightening. Elizabeth is an excellent facilitator and knows how to structure the session so that everyone benefits as they share and learn from each other.

This workshop helped me to identify the beliefs that were causing me the perception around  'lack' of money which in turn identified the feelings of anxiety, worry, resentment and fears of failure. The workshop also reinforces the use of the Universal Sphere® to bring me closer to listening to my intuition as solutions present themselves. Quiet the mind, listen to the heart! 
The teaching of how to use the Universal Sphere® to bring into awareness the positive feelings that will shift my vibrational energy was most helpful. This shift changed my vibrational timeline so I can meet my future self.

We also left with a plan for the next 30 days to reinforce the teachings.  This was money well spent! 

- RB

I took "Identifying and Resolving Money Beliefs" with Elizabeth and as a brand-new Universal Sphere® practitioner, I found the workshop to be excellent in regard to recognizing patterns and behaviors in myself in a very safe environment. 

As a facilitator, Elizabeth is intuitively kind and gently brings recognition to the surface in order to be dealt with.  Great workshop.

- Kate