Full Disclaimer/Waiver
Breakthroughs Abounding
Elizabeth Macarthur

Breakthroughs Abounding’s Practitioner, Elizabeth Macarthur, is an Instructor, Coach, Reader, and Energetic Healer. The Breakthroughs Abounding’s Practitioner is NOT a doctor, medical professional, psychologist, or counsellor and therefore the energetic healing sessions, treatments, or coaching sessions that may be provided by the Breakthroughs Abounding’s Practitioner are not a substitute for proper medical care. The Breakthroughs Abounding’s Practitioner does not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or physical condition. The Breakthroughs Abounding’s Practitioner is not a doctor and cannot prescribe, treat, or diagnose for specific conditions.

All services and workshops offered by Breakthroughs Abounding and its Practitioner which include, but are not limited to, Universal Sphere® Workshops or Sessions, Akashic Records Session, Usui Reiki/Violet Flame Reiki, or Radical Forgiveness or Radical Self-Forgiveness Coaching, do not constitute any form of psychotherapy or counseling. They are not a substitute for any medical treatment already being received.

The spiritual healing provided by the Breakthroughs Abounding’s Practitioner is a holistic and complementary energy therapy.  It works alongside and integrates naturally with any medical treatment. It is not a substitute for any medical treatment already being received.  It is a form of spiritual education and tools in which a client is voluntarily participating to understand and learn new skills and tools for personal development .

The purpose of these sessions is to assist in energetic/vibrational alignment within the human body/vessel, reduce stress, enhance health & well-being. I understand that the techniques used and the advice and/or guidance applied or taught by the Breakthroughs Abounding’s Practitioner are intended to assist with vibrational alignment and healing within the human body/vessel and energy systems and that they make no claims for cure of disease/illness/disharmony.

The Breakthroughs Abounding’s Practitioner makes no claims or promises about the effectiveness of the energetic healing therapy, sessions or coaching sessions nor will the client hold the Breakthroughs Abounding’s Practitioner or company responsible for any results that are suggested through healing therapy/coaching sessions that they choose to purchase.

Prior to beginning any type of alternative & natural health self-help practice, the client is advised to discuss this with a Licensed Health Care Provider/GP/Medical Officer. It is also advised that if you are currently taking any medication, to take all appropriate safety precautions.

Breakthroughs Abounding company and practitioners advises the client on the following: Do not stop seeing your Licensed Health Care Provider if you have an on-going illness/disharmony. Do not stop taking your prescribed medications without first consulting your Licensed Health Care Provider/GP/doctor/medical professional.

The client hereby gives permission to receive spiritual healing and hereby exercises their freedom of choice and freewill in doing so. 

NOTE:  All new clients will be required to sign the above Disclaimer/Waiver before attending their first session.  It will be emailed to the client using Adobe sign.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Disclaimer, please contact Elizabeth at elizabeth@breakthroughsabounding.com.