Elizabeth has spent the past 20+ years working with some of the top experts in the field to develop and enhance her skills as a facilitator, coach, practitioner, and energy healer.  She specializes in working with her clients utilizing the Universal Sphere®, Akashic Records, Usui Reiki and Violet Flame Reiki, and Radical Forgiveness, all concepts that are “radically” different from the mainstream.

This particular combination enables Elizabeth to support her clients in unlocking powerful results, wisdom, and insights through releasing old energy and issues, thus freeing themselves from their identification with “victim-oriented” stories, beliefs, and patterns in this lifetime and past lifetime(s). Miracles have happened for Elizabeth and now she is ready to support you in experiencing miracles for yourself! 

Clients have also come to Elizabeth to receive support in their Ascension process; raising their vibrations and frequencies, connecting directly to the Unified Field, Field of Infinite Possibilities, and Solution Energy to assist in the re-remembering process of who we are at a Soul level, releasing that which no longer supports us, and manifesting multidimensional results into your reality.

The Modalities:

Akashic Records provide the optimal environment to access the Soul’s wisdom and receive transformational information. Through Elizabeth’s advanced training, she can also clear and transmute almost all emotions, beliefs, energies, and patterns that are no longer serving you in any area(s) of your current life or from any past lifetime(s). 

Universal Sphere® empowers an individual to journey into the Unified Field where they can re-connect with Source, with Divine Love, and start re-remembering who they are at their Soul level . Also, connecting with multidimensional ‘Solution Energy’ brings in a whole new buffet of options and choices to choose from, providing results to outstanding issues or situations that are well beyond what the mind can currently conceive.

Usui Reiki is an ancient form of energetic healing that allows the practitioner to channel Universal Source Energy through their hands to another person as a way of balancing and optimizing a person’s mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.  Reiki supports the energy flow in our bodies and can move stagnant or stuck energy, and help keep our energy flowing.  When our energy is flowing property, miracles can happen in any area of our life.  

Violet Flame Reiki helps balance out the masculine energies of the Usui Reiki by bringing in more of the feminine energies, including those of Lady Quan Yin (The Goddess of Compassion).  With the additional symbols provided for in the Violet Flame Reiki, the Reiki session can be even more powerful in insights, energetic healing, and releasing of stuck energy, all with the common goal of balancing out the energy flow within the body.  

Let Elizabeth, an award-winning Coach, Facilitator, Universal Sphere® Instructor / Practitioner, Akashic Records Reader / Energetic Healer, Usui Reiki Master, Violet Flame Reiki Master, Radical Living Master Coach, and International Best-Selling Author, create Miracles for you!