Why Radical Forgiveness? 

      Because it works!

Are you struggling with trying to forgive someone or something in your life?  Maybe you have tried the ‘just letting it
go’, or the, ‘let bygones be bygones’, and although you might have experienced temporary relief, nothing ever seems to change for you.  You are still feeling hurt, resentful, sad, frustrated, or angry, but yet you just want to release these negative emotions so that you can find some peace and happiness in your life! 

Well, now is the time for you to try something different, something radical…like Radical Forgiveness! 

Elizabeth did, and it has opened up her life in ways that she thought were never going to happen no matter what she did.  Elizabeth has moved from struggle mode to a more flowing way of living life.  Her happiness and peace have increased, money flow has increased into prosperity, and relationships are greatly improving, just to name a few changes.

And, Elizabeth knows you are probably thinking, “I’ve tried the forgiveness route and it just did not work!”  Right?  Well, were you aware that there are two different types of forgiveness?  The most commonly known is Traditional Forgiveness...which is probably what you have been working with up to now and not getting the complete results you wanted.  And the lesser known one is Radical Forgiveness...what you have yet to try that will get you the complete results you are looking for?

There are many things that are different between these two forms of forgiveness.  For example, one thing is that Traditional Forgiveness works with the ‘rational mind’ in trying to convince you that it is okay to truly forgive this person (situation or thing), and because the rational mind is not always that convincing, we stay stuck in the unforgiveness and remain the victim.  And, if we do not believe that the person deserves to be forgiven, then it is even more difficult to forgive them using Traditional Forgiveness.

Radical Forgiveness, however, has the ability to bypass the ‘rational mind’ and all that resistance we seem to have, so that forgiveness can happen and you will be able to dissolve those negative feelings (like resentment, guilt, shame, anger, blame, or judgments, just to name a few), release yourself from your victim story, and move on in your life.

You see, you do not do forgiveness work for the other person.  You do forgiveness work for yourself to move yourself out of that victim story because that story is what is keeping you stuck.  And with Radical Forgiveness, you do not even have to believe the person deserves forgiveness.  In fact, you can do the whole Radical Forgiveness process through resistance and still create the results for yourself.  All you have to be is willing...to be willing...to be willing to be open to the possibility that Radical Forgiveness works.

Lack of Forgiveness is, in one sense, stuck energy caused by all those negative feelings (like resentment, guilt, shame, anger, blame, or judgments, just to name a few) that were created when the situation happened, and when the person (or organization) wronged you.  And now it is still stuck in your body because you are still engaged in that victim story.  The tools of Radical Forgiveness help you to dissolve that story, dissolve that stuck energy, which then allows you to have the true experience of forgiveness.

How does it do that?  Radical Forgiveness is about a shift in perception that gives you the opportunity to have a glimpse of the spiritual ‘bigger picture’ of life that then allows the negative toxic energy from the past to shift out, and all you have to be is willing.

So what do I mean by ‘being willing’?  Being willing means a willingness to open your mind to possibilities your rational mind is not willing to comprehend at this time, if even just for a moment.  By being able to bypass your rational mind and connect with your Spiritual Intelligence and/or Universal Intelligence, the Radical Forgiveness tools can access answers on a spiritual level that you could not otherwise know (i.e. a glimpse of the bigger picture).  Being willing also means that you do not have to believe in the bigger picture idea for the process to work…just by being willing...to be willing...to be willing...is all it takes. 

Radical Forgiveness Services:

Radical Forgiveness / Self Forgiveness 1:1 Session (Package of 5):   $500.00


Radical Forgiveness / Self Forgiveness 1:1 Session (Single Session):   $140.00


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 Elizabeth Macarthur
Your Radical Living Master Coach