Radical Forgiveness

This is the foundation of the Radical Living strategies.  Some of the things you will learn in this strategy are (i) the assumptions upon which all the strategies are based; (ii) all the ways in which Radical Forgiveness differs from Traditional Forgiveness that allows it to create quick and lasting results; (iii) the Five Stages to Radical Forgiveness in detail and how they are embedded into all of the tools; (iv) how to use the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet (which sets you up for all worksheets); and much more.  

The Five Stages to Radical Forgiveness that you will learn are (1) Tell the story; (2) Feel the feelings; (3) Collapse the story; (4) Reframe the story; and (5) Integration.  These five stages are present in all of the Radical Livings tools and processes.  They may be set out so that you recognize and know which stage you are in (like in the worksheets), or they may be embedded into a process and not quite so easily recognizable.  But be assured, they are in all the tools and processes.  

The Radical Forgiveness worksheet is one of many tools to use in which you will have the opportunity to release those past stories that are keeping you feeling like a victim, and to forgive those whom you feel have hurt you.  This worksheet will take you through an entire issue, allowing you the opportunity to dissolve it once and for all, thereby healing the issue.  By doing this, you are dissolving negative energies, shifting your energy, as well as raising your vibration.

Since all of the worksheets in the Radical Living strategies are similar to this one, once you master the Radical Forgiveness worksheet, the rest will follow very easily.

Radical Forgiveness Services:

Radical Forgiveness / Self Forgiveness 1:1 Session (Package of 5):   $500.00


Radical Forgiveness / Self Forgiveness 1:1 Session (Single Session):   $140.44


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 Elizabeth Macarthur
Your Radical Living Master Coach